Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 10, 2006 - Being Heard and Not Ignored Part 5

Over the last week we have looked at ways to be listened to and be taken seriously. The last step involves putting your ideas to the test of others.

Allow questions. Being project manager is not for the faint of heart. Despite your careful planning and communication you will be questioned, second-guessed and challenged on a regular basis. Rather than trying to quell any questions or contrary opinions, I suggest you give a forum for discussion and encourage people to ask. I see 4 things that this does for you.

1. It gives your team a voice and invites them to be involved. This gives them ownership in the process even if you don’t alter your plans after considering their input.

2. You have to think. If you are answering questions, you need to honestly think through your stance and be able to defend it.

3. Questions allow you to refines or refocus your direction. Good questions make you think and good thinking can lead to better results.

4. Discussion gets the dissention out in the open. If you can hear and field the questions you stand a chance of removing opposition. If the second-guessing is being done behind your back it may spell disaster.

There are more ways to keep from being ignored. If you have some suggestions or examples from your experience, feel free to click on “Comments” below and share them.

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