Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 1, 2006 - Initial Introduction

Since this is the first entry in my blog, an introduction seems to be the way to begin. Today, November 1, 2006, marks 13 years of consulting with Keane, Inc. Prior to that I worked for Telxon, a hand held scanner company eventually purchased by Symbol, and NetLink, a start up company manufacturing a magnetic stripe and smartcard reader.

Through my career I have enjoyed a diverse set of industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Entertainment and Automotive to name a few. I've even been privileged to work at recognizable companies like American Greetings, Toyota and Electronic Arts.
My point in writing this is that I have been in multiple places and worked with many great individuals. If something I write reminds you of someone you know or, worse yet, if it reminds you of yourself, I will deny everything. Part of this of course is to protect the guilty but most of it is to preserve my own skin.

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