Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010 - PM Value Brain Dump

I am sitting here writing down all the words and phrases that come to my mind in relationship to real Project Management. Here is what I have so far.

Communicating what Matters
Informed Decisions
Change with Purpose
Monitoring Direction
Leading, not just Reporting
Analysis of Activity
Controlling the Outcome
Removing Random Factors
Risk Management
Involved Stakeholders
Enabling Management
Planning Success
Integrity in Action
Confronting Conflict
Lessons Learned
Tension Breaking
Instilling Confidence
Team Defender
Resource Motivator
Promoting Purpose
Follow Through
Critical Thinking
Improving... Self, Situation, Team, Understanding...
Challenging... Self, Situation, Team, Understanding...
Results Driven
Business Focused
Self Controlled

Pieces of this brain dump will be examined more in the next several blogs. We'll ask "What is the result of a project manager being ____?" We will also touch on ways to instill more of these in your thoughts, actions and reactions.

Until then, if you have additional ideas, pitch in by leaving a comment.


Glen B. Alleman said...

My favorite

Providing Actionable Information to the Decision Makers

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Project Management Team said...

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Umasree said...

Process Quality
Avoiding Scope Creep
Effective Change Management
Work Life Balance
Knowledge Management
Project Archival Repositary
Team Building Excercises
Effective Knowledge Transfers
Customer Satisfaction
Requirements Management
Innovative Solutions

Will add to the list, as ideas start to eat my brain:-)

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Project Management said...

Resource Motivator and Critical thinking are bonus to it, Another thing about Project Management, its definition has one thing in common "to provide better results on a deal with limited conditions"

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