Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 6, 2008 – Same Old Same Old?

I know. I’m a little late on the "welcome to the new year" thing. But as I sat down to write my blog tonight it struck me that we have a full new year in front of us. I’m not one to create huge goals or make great predictions, but think of the possibilities. If you have been waiting to get certified, this may be the year to do it. Sick of your old job? Find a new one. Stuck in a rut? Climb out.

Two thoughts to begin the year with:

1. Is this the type of _____ you want to be known as? Fill in the blank. Project Manager? Husband? Friend? Person? What is it that people know you as, or you feel like, that you no longer want to be. Tired of being the quiet one? Late one? The one that doesn’t have the monthly reports in on time? If people think they have you pegged, prove them wrong.

2. _____ is important enough for me to _____. Is there anything important enough to you that you will change your behavior? Decide what it is you want to make significant in your life and then do something about it. Many people live their life day to day without changing anything. Maybe it is your dignity. Would you say, "My dignity is important enough for me to walk out of a meeting the next time my director chooses to degrade me"? Or "My future is important enough to me to get certified"?

Go take on the year.

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